Restaurant Software

Why Choose Pilot Software

Cloud based software

HO module- enables you to manage all your branches at a central point e.g. you can change prices, send & schedule promos and push to all branches uniformaly

PilotLive Mobile App. Information at your fingertips. Trading data and key metrics available in real time. Download via Google Play or App Store.

PilotMiles. Pilot’s integrated loyalty program with simple signup includes earn-and-burn, discounts, vouchers and digital gift cards.

Hardware Solutions


Get Online With Ease

Embracing ecommerce doesn’t have to be challenging. Syrve enables you to get online quickly, simply, and flexibly, and handle online and mobile orders with ease. 

  • Let your customers order ahead on their phones –from brands, aggregators, your own app or an elegant website
  • Get online quickly with a free menu publisher to launch your own website.
  • Manage all online orders via a single pipeline within the Syrve platform
  • Gain complete control over online orders, statuses, and delivery

Designed To Support Every Front Of House

Regardless of the business you operate, or the service types you offer, Syrve helps you run your front of house with ease, and switch between services types as needed.

  • Speed up transactions at the till in your counter service cafes 
  • Empower your staff to turn tables efficiently in table service restaurants
  • Optimise your drivers and routes across your delivery network
  • Take orders accurately and effectively from kiosks

Manage All Back Of House Operations Through A Single Platform

Syrve helps you consolidate all your back of house activities, bringing them together into one simple system that enables you to handle everything via just one interface.

  • Empower your kitchen team to improve communication and streamline processes
  • Keep track of staff rotas, salaries, attendance and incentives
  • Gain better control over your inventory and purchase with confidence
  • Automate your forecasting with precision to better plan ahead

Effectively Manage Your Staff

When your staff are working well, your business is working well.

With Syrve, you can access the precise data you need to manage your employees in the best way. 

  • Keep track of rotas, salaries, attendance, target, and incentives
  • Simplify schedules and routine tasks
  • Manage everything in one place, from labour costs to staff satisfaction
  • Eliminate the need to spend hours figuring out schedules on paper

Build Policies And Maintain Compliance

The most important head office responsibility is ensuring that your ‘corporate rule book’ is being enforced and your business is operating legally, compliantly, and adhering to local regulations. Syrve gives you peace of mind.

  • Ensure you’re storing your data in a safe and secure cloud-based system
  • Create internal policies to keep stores, franchisees and central production units operating optimally
  • Standardise ways of working across all stores and franchisees
  • Keep your business operating to the highest industry standards

Keep All Your Data In One Place

No matter whether it’s one location or multiple stores, data silos can affect your ability to gain a ‘big picture’ overview of operations. Syrve brings everything together. 

  • Manage operations from a single, centralised system
  • Compare stores and identify trends
  • Access your data from any place, at any time
  • Make smart decisions based on all your data, not subsets of it